A rising star in naval architecture industry TURKEY

Dear Captains & Engineers ;
Closely connected with the vehicle sector, the naval architecture industry has today become a crucial manufacturing sector for Turkey. Having started 600 years ago in the shipyards in Turkey, the sector is now globalizing each day. It necessitates the expertise and cooperation of various fields and has to be exercised in an atmosphere of intense international competition.In the 48 shipyards (2 public sector, 3 military and 43 private) in Turkey, brand new ships, yachts, mega-yachts and sailing boats are being manufactured.Plus, repair and maintenance services are provided for the Mega yachts. Since 1995 the capacity utilization ratio increased to 78% With efforts to increase their share in the world market, the shipyards keep on increasing their production values.

Here we are playing a big role in this rising industry in Turkey. Turkey Yacht Services have right contacts and good relationship with the shipyards in Istanbul , Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya to assist yachts on many aspects of repair projects like ,

and many other works, please contact us with specific information about the job you need assistance and we will get back to you with avaliability status and quotation

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